Corporate Governance

BKW’s Board of Directors and the Group Executive Board attribute great importance to good corporate governance in the interests of its shareholders and other stakeholders such as customers, public corporations and employees. BKW guarantees transparency and enables its shareholders and other stakeholders to make their investment decisions objectively.

With the implementation of the recognised corporate governance principles as well as a balanced combination of management and controls, BKW also manages the company in a value-driven, sustainable manner according to statutory requirements. To this end, BKW also integrates material sustainability aspects in its corporate strategy. This is based on regional and global challenges and integrates various stakeholders across dialogue processes. In addition to legal provisions, the basic rules relating to corporate governance at BKW are embodied in BKW’s articles of incorporation, organisational regulations, Code of Conduct and regulations governing the committees of the Board of Directors.

BKW’s management structure is designed so that responsibilities are clearly assigned and unilateral concentration of powers and conflicts of interest are avoided. In line with this, the functions of Chairman and CEO are separate. Furthermore, no member of the Board of Directors has an executive function. All members of the Board of Directors, with the exception of Andreas Rickenbacher who was delegated by the Canton of Bern, were nominated for election individually at the General Meeting in May 2020. For many years, the Board of Directors has included both male and female members. The Board of Directors thereby also ensures the diversity of its membership.

The information below is presented in accordance with the current requirements of the corporate governance guidelines of the SIX Swiss Exchange and the Swiss Code of Best Practice for Corporate Governance 2016 produced by economiesuisse. Remuneration of the top level management of the company is reported in the Remuneration Report pages 150 to 166. The information disclosed in this report reflects the situation at 31 December 2020. Any material changes that have been agreed or have occurred between this date and the printing of the report are listed in Note 10 of this report. The articles of incorporation of BKW AG, the organisational structure of the Group Executive Board, the Code of Conduct and a range of other useful information can be found on the BKW website. Reports on sustainability aspects can be found in the Review of the 2020 Results on pages 19 to 21 and at

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